Our draughtproofing and overhaul service is not only designed to block out any draught coming through, but to also ensure that your windows are correctly weighted and run properly, losing any stiffness and ensuring the sashes are much easier to use. When we draughtproof our windows we use beads that have brushes within them creating a seal between the bead and the window. We also router a groove where your two sashes meet in the middle , this runs the whole way along blocking any draught from getting inbetween the windows . With these combined we can create a completely draughtless window. We also offer new pulley wheels and furniture as an addition to this service.

All of our draughtproofing has 0% VAT until March 2027 (based on current government guidelines) as this service is a part of the governments energy efficiency scheme, making our draughtproofing service even more affordable.

Draughtproofing your old windows can also bring down your heating bill, as well as reducing any road and external noise.