New Windows

Traditional box sash window- Our bespoke traditional box sashes come with many options, whether you live in a listed building and you want single glazed windows or if you are looking for a product that will provide you with more warmth such as double glazing. We supply and install all of our windows leaving you at ease. Your windows will also come fully draughtproofed with a choice of colours for your window furniture, locks and pulley wheels. There is also a choice of woods to choose from whether you are looking for a longer lasting hardwood or a slightly cheaper softwood.

Sash windows on springs- Spring loaded sash windows aren't as traditional as sash windows on weights however they are considerably cheaper as they don't require a box for weights and work on a different more modern mechanism. We also offer these fully draughtproofed in hardwood and softwood, with a choice of colours for your window furniture and locks.

Casement windows-  Our flush faced casement windows come fully draughtproofed, with energy saving double glazed units or single pane glass as standard, we offer many different styles from 'two pane windows' where there is one single horizontal bar, to multi pane windows (with many bars) to suit the style of your house. We have a choice of colours for your windows as well as a choice of furniture and locks. These windows are also available in hardwood or softwood.