Refurbishing your sash windows is a good way of keeping the original look and feel of an older window yet enjoying the benefits of having them work and function well. We can discreetly draughtproof these older sashes which will in turn keep your home warmer and the heating bills lower.

A refurbishment involves raking out any rot and carrying out minor resin repairs, sanding the original windows back and repainting them with an oil based paint system. we then keep the original glass in order to maintain the windows original character and rake out and replace any loose putty. we will then sand and paint the box, finishing by hanging your windows with new rope and pulley wheels. Securing them with new beads, furniture and locks.

Please bare in mind that if you are looking to have your windows refurbished but your windows or box have major rot, you may be better off by looking at a new set of box sash windows as it will be more cost effective.